NewsFlash: I have the tapes –Bush asks God about going to war in Iraq…

When I got back last night, I saw that somebody had dropped some videotapes in my mailbox. That’s odd, I said, as I prepared to view ….

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the actual contents.

The scene opens. Bush is sitting in his chair; he is talking….

Bush: “Sure. I talked to God. I talk to Him all the time….”

Another voice asks him: “Did you consult with your father about going to war in Iraq?”
The tones are lugubrious, to say the least. I say to myself “That voice! Why does it sound so familiar? Then it came to me: “Of course. It’s Bob Woodward! Hey, this is interesting.”

Bush goes on: “No, no, I didn’t talk to him.” He sounds annoyed with Woodward’s question, dismissive even. “No, I talked to my REAL Father.”
(Here he gives a little cloud-ward nod of the head. There seems no doubt. He had talked to …The MAN Upstairs. In other words (or, I should more correctly say, word) –God.

“I asked Him about going to war in Iraq. I put it to Him straight: Should I go to war in Iraq?”

Here the tape is a little fuzzy. We can hear God responding to Mr. Bush, but even though some of the words are a little indistinct, clearly He is giving Bush permission to go to War. Or maybe even ordering him to go to war.

And we can ask ourselves here, as I did: “Would W. have gone to war if his Real Father had said: “No!”, or even, “W., I want you to hold off on that for a little while, until those inspectors…”
Clearly not.

Then we hear, clear as a bell, God saying: “OK! GO! Go to war.”

That was it. Nothing more.

Contrary to rumors, at no point did God advise W.:”Go to war, but –by the way– there are no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.” Though, one might think, He might well have.

But, no. That was it. Nothing more.

[Fade to black]

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