A word to Rudy “Did I mention 9.11″ Giuliani: Hey Rudy, strike while the iron is hot….

And now ….Rudy (“Did I mention 9.11”) Giuliani…

Hey Rudy, tell us you’re not slipping!

You thrilled us all with your 9.11 WTC Heroic Exploits….how you went along one corridor, and then you went along another corridor, and how you found a door, and –HOW YOU WENT OUT THROUGH THE DOOR! Such heroism!

You tell us about what a great manager you are (New York mayor, etc.).
You tell us that you’re The Guy best qualified to follow The Guy…. you know, “Bring it on” Bush.
You tell us you want to be our next Decider because you are…courageous…fearless…decisive.

How thrilled we were to hear that you’d taken on Norman The NeoCon Podhoretz –Mr. World War Four himself– as your Foreign Policy advisor.
And the first thing Norman tells you is: “BOMB IRAN….AS SOON as it is logistically possible, BOMB IRAN.”

Rudy!….That was THREE weeks ago already! OK, you’re not president YET, but…COME ON, show some initiative…

Now, everything is different. That damn NIE report has come out, showing how Iran scrapped their nuclear bomb ambitions back in 2003, and it’s beginning to look like you and Norman have blown your big chance.
Rudy –you blew it. With that same strong, unabashed, incisive Pre-emptive action that you showed in those 9.11 corridors, you could have been in and out of Iran with a quick strike BEFORE that damn NIE report came out…

All without so much as an OOOPS!

Now its too late!

Face it Rudy, ..it’s no surprise that you’re slipping in the polls….

Didn’t anybody ever tell you, Rudy:
“There is a tide in the affairs of men,
which taken at the flood leads on to fortune…”
OK. Shakespeare was a liberal, so we can forget him

But Rudy! What Shakespeare was TRYING to say was, hey, you just get one bite at the apple, the brass ring, whatever.
In life, you don’t get to walk along the same corridor twice…you DO –as you well know– get to walk along two consecutive corridors once. But that’s hardly the same thing, is it?

Rudy, you’ve got to strike when the iran…ooops…the iron is hot….

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