Jim Romano, (80), Staten Island photographer –and one of a kind.

Jim Romano

Jim Romano

Jim Romano is 80. He has been a photographer –mostly with the Daily News– for a long, long time. His photos have that great look of photos from the forties and the fifties. That LIFE MAGAZINE look.

If you want a treat, go to today’s New York Times: they put together a lovely tribute to Mr. Romano –The Romano Years, in his own Romano Words, with his own Romano pics.
Here is a direct link
Moving, and lovely

I’ve never met him, but I wrote him a short letter –a comment on the video. I
I thought you might like to see it:

“Dear Jim Romano,
I so enjoyed meeting you in this NYT video –What a guy!And what a life! Thank you –from a relatively recent Staten Islander (Class of 1979).
By the way, did you know that geologically, Staten Island has NOTHING to do with the rest of New York. That’s right –it floated over here from Europe about 240 Million years ago, give or take a couple of years.
Have you noticed: you can always tell a Staten Islander; they have that far away look in their eyes…probably thinking of Europe. The Riviera. As opposed to Tottenville.

Good luck to you. And thanks for that great story –The Jim Romano story!
–Malachi McCormick.

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