Notice: Maira Kalman and “The Pursuit of Happiness” in today’s (4.24.09) New York Times.

illustration by maira kalman for the new york times

illustration by maira kalman for the new york times

Heads-up: Don’t miss Maira Kalman in today’s NYT. She will be presenting her series, “The Pursuit of Happiness” on the last Friday of the month, for the next 5 (I believe) months.
I’m sure I’m not the first person to wonder if “pursuit” ever means “catching up with”. This time I was moved to check the definitions of “pursuit”….as you will see in the comment which I posted in the NYT.
And here:

“Dear Maira,
Awesome and thensome; lovely and profound.

I look forward to your ongoing series, “The Pursuit of Happiness”.
[By the way, I’m not sure that everyone appreciates that ”pursuit” has other meanings beside that sense of “endless chase”. It can also mean “accomplish” or “follow” or “advance” or “to be engaged in” –all of which seem more apt in this context than that sense of elusive “endless chase” –and never quite getting there!

Thank you –again,
Malachi McCormick, Staten Island

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