That “If anything happens to me” conversation: “Do not resuscitate….”

A point comes when you find yourself having that “IF Anything Happens to me….” conversation with close friends. It is a conversation about…resuscitation.
If you cannot decode that “If anything…” you probably wouldn’t be having the conversation in the first place. And the person saying it to you has probably misjudged you.
I have a dear friend of some 30 years, now in her eighties: let us call her Beth. It was she who brought it up first, taking me into a very particular confidence. It turns out that Beth is VERY VERY OPPOSED to “being resuscitated” –“If anything happens…to her”.
To put her at her ease, I made a little card for her conveying her wishes which she now carries around in her wallet. It reads: “This is my dear friend Beth: don’t you DARE resuscitate her!”

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