In which Rudy chuckles a lot. A LOT!

Yesterday I listened to Rudy being interviewed on ABC’s “This Week” by George S. I say listened –I don’t have TV.

Rudy had had a really tough week, what with poll-slip and that other headache that turned round the plane, and those messed-up Doctor comments.

But –guess what. The guy was in Top Form. Oozing Confidence. Well, maybe not oozing. Rudy is not An Oozer.

No, Rudy is not An Oozer. Rudy is a …Chuckler. Rudy chuckles a lot. Check him sometime, maybe listening rather than watching. Lots of chuckles.

In his interview with George, it was All Chuckles, All the Time. Well, almost. It didn’t matter how tough George’s questions were, Rudy just Chuckled.

In fact, Rudy sometimes chuckled so much that he sort of…tripped over his words. He would say “George..” and then chuckle as he tried to get out his answer. [Incidentally, at the beginning of the interview he said that the tests had all come out 100%. But later on he explained the delay in medic comment by saying that he didn’t have the results of all the tests yet. But, hey, the guy is chuckling about it all. Everything is obviously fine. (Let’s not get churlish here, George.]

And then I noticed something interesting: that indeed the TOUGHER the questions, the more Rudy chuckled.
Now that was really interesting. Why would anybody CHUCKLE EVEN MORE at the toughest questions?, I asked myself.

[Cogitation. Reflection. Musing.]

Then –aha! Could it be that Rudy’s Chuckles were not…Real Chuckles. What if they were….Faux Chuckles, Diversionary Chuckles, the Brimming-with-Confidence Chuckle of a guy who had stumbled across a new ploy, the magic of the chuckle –the Good-Natured Chuckle, almost Infectiously-So– that allows one to breeze past those difficult questions.

George S. must have been saying to himself: I’m trying to nail the guy, but all I’m getting is a Good-Natured Utterly-Undefensive Chuckle. These chuckles are….Almost Infectious.

That’s it: the Good-Natured Utterly-Undefensive Chuckle, except that maybe it’s really a Faux-Good-Natured Utterly-Undefensive Chuckle, Rudy’s challenge to George S., “Look, George, I just answered you with my trademark GNUUC. You can’t go on and ask me another question on the topic…MOVE ON, buddy.
I’m Rudy The Chuckler.

So –herewith I give you something completely new in Political Analysis: THE CHUCKLE INDEX, which we immediately abbreviate to CI, as in “Rudy’s CI”. (e.g. “Did you see? Rudy’s CI is Way Up.)

I will need to see a Video-transcript and actually count the Chuckle-Incidences….number of chuckles; time taken in chuckling; intensity of chuckle. Etc. So, watch this space.

But –I know I’m on to something important here. I did my own bit of Google-Chuckle Research. I searched for all the candidates chucklings, such as in “Giuliani chuckled”(368 hits) or “Hillary chuckled”(132 hits) or “John Edwards chuckled”(2 hits).
Perhaps there is a lesson right there for John Edwards –Real or Faux, how about a few more chuckles, John?
Chuckling may not come as easy to Hillary, but 132 is a respectable score. Romney is hardly a chuckler; at 72 he comes in at half Hillary. Barack Obama –as Obama– rates 39: watch it Barack.

John McCain’s chuckling hit score is interesting: a whopping 870! Of course McCain has had a long chuckling career, and probably much more to chuckle about…that Bob Jones U. explanation, that Kiss on the Forehead from George Bush, even a craven chuckle or two later on over the “black illegitimate baby” slur. Two runs for President will get your score up there.

[Watch this space: there’s more to come, and more research needed. For example, George Bush is not really a Chuckler like Rudy. George Bush’s “tell” is this: he speeds up his rate of speaking when he’s trying to put one –or two– over on us. Unfortunately we’ve all seen it…only too often. There’s been so much to …put over on us. He talks faster, and he talks…Casual…Matter-of-fact, almost Throw-away. His forehead gets more creased. As I said, casual.
Let’s get our researchers in there.]

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