My 2007 Christmas wish for us….a modest proposal:

If we can only be ‘nice’ or ‘good’ or ‘generous’ or ‘considerate’ or ‘a mensch’ or ‘not such narcissistic pains in the asses’ for JUST ONE DAY in the year, why not let it be today. Christmas Day, as it happens. It could be ANY DAY –I’m just suggesting today since it seems to be on lots of people’s minds.

All of us.

Think about it: if we all did it on the SAME DAY, that should settle the argument about whether it’s worth the effort.

And just think: if we all were good at the same time, there’d be NO ONE TO BLAME (which might just be the same, or even better, as “being good”.)

Then –if we all agreed it WAS really, seriously, worth the effort– we could consider trying it for….what, another day….a week, a month, a whole year? (The rest of our lives? Now hold on, you are saying –don’t get carried away. Good advice. Thank you. I do get carried away.)

And if we decide against it, we could just go back to being our usual selves.

I do have just one request:
IF you –or I– use religion, or anything else, to “achieve” the improvement, rather than just deciding to do “the right thing” ourselves, could you do me a favor. Keep it to yourself.

Let me just have the benefit of your ‘goodness’, and I’ll promise to do the same. If I want to know your secret, I’ll ask you. And you will tell me, won’t you. This way we won’t have to argue –not that we would– about anything.

Good luck. Maybe we’ll bump into each other.

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