A postscript on “The Roots of Music: The Irish Harp in Poetry & Legend” [Collection by Malachi McCormick] Simon Chadwick’s Early Gaelic Harp Emporium in St. Andrew’s, Scotland.

An early customer of mine for “The Roots of Music” was the harp-enthusiast and knowledgeable Simon Chadwick. He was then at Cambridge Univ. (or was it Oxford? I have to look it up.)
He had a newsletter dealing with the harp, and especially the Gaelic Harp, which is his specialization. He reviewed “The Roots of Music” in his newsletter, and gave it a very nice review.
Much water flowed under the bridge. Many Harp notes were struck and floated off into the ether….
Then, just a few weeks ago, Simon emailed me. He has moved on: is now living in St. Andrews in Scotland where he has opened “Simon Chadwick’s Early Gaelic Harp Emporium”
He sent me his catalog, a wonderful example of enthusiastic and informed harp scholarship, crammed with information for the harpist.
Simon ordered five copies of my “The Roots of Music” for his new store, thereby bolstering my feeling that –maybe, just maybe– the Independent Bookstore stocking Stone Street Press books might be revivable, might just be coming back. All right –might just come back.
[Thanks to the bookstore chains’s anti-Small Press –and, frankly, anti Free Speech policies– small presses have been seriously marginalized; many have been driven out of business; many are barely hanging on. Some are comfortable, and endowed, funded.
The world of literature is deprived, and seriously deprived. No names mentioned, but one is notably barnlike and can be ignoble, at least towards small presses. But that is a subject for Other Blogs.]
Just a short while age I found a reference to Simon and his Emporium –rather, Google found it for me.
Here’s what it said:

“History: tradition: instruments: music: people:
Simon Chadwick’s Early Gaelic Harp Emporium CDs & recordings Books Postcards and prints Accessories Data-sheets & booklets Wire Harps …..
….Books by Malachi McCormick

Malachi McCormick
The Roots of Music: The Irish Harp in Poetry and Legend
Stone Street Press, USA, 1999
Three tiny handmade books, in a luxurious slipcase; hand titled on the outside on gold ink and with hand-lettered title letters. The books are printed from a handwritten original. The three books each have an introduction, a poem in Irish with facing English translation, and an ancient story. They make an effective introduction to the symbolism and significance of the harp, and would be a lovely gift for an early harp enthusiast or anyone interested in Irish culture.
This book will be available from the Emporium soon. For more info please contact me.
CDs & recordings Books Postcards and prints Accessories Data-sheets & booklets Wire Harps
to Emporium homepage, purchasing instructions and contact info

about this site © Simon Chadwick .

[NOTE that “available soon”. I’ve just finished making them and will shortly bike over to my local postoffice and mail them off to Scotland. What a wonderful system we have! If only the bookstore chains –and Amazon.com, and Google, etc etc would get involved in the survival of our literature. I’m the only one publishing “The Roots of Music”, and there is no other store like Simon Chadwick’s Early Gaelic Harp Emporium.]

Look us up. Well –you’re already doing that with me. But do check out Simon.

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