A Malign Trifecta –Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Osama Bin Laden all wish ill on President Obama.

I heard Rush Limbaugh today, followed by Sean Hannity, –a high-pitched intense and unending diatribe against Barack Obama –Insane Bombast laced with Insane Whine in near-apoplexy
How do they keep it up? Do they have the network physicians monitor them ongoingly?
Later I heard the same diatribe, the same voice ,speaking on Al Jazeera. I recognized him immediately –it was Osama Bin Laden.
A curious resonance proccupied me.
For a while.
Then I got it! And quickly penned the following lines

“The extremists were out in force today,
before the speech in Cairo,
pouring scorn and wishing failure
on the nation’s President.

The whine and bombast
of their toxic words,
a spew of speaking-ill,
filled the air-waves,
filled the air.

This year their names
are Limbaugh, Rush
and Hannity, Sean,
–teamed unerringly
in malign trifecta
with the despot of dialysis,
none other than
–Osama Bin Laden!

Such curious resonance
brought to my mind
another song from
“The Recent Hits” of
our righteous brothers?
The same chorus with a similar tune:
pronouncing on 9.11.

I can name that tune:
the Reverend Falwell and
the Reverend Robertson:
“God’s is angry at us for
our liberal sins.”

How odd it was to find
our top two Christian
right-wing reverends
agree with our tormentor,
yes, Osama Bin Laden.

Extremist fundamentalists
all joined in peevish-prayer
of wishing failure.

Their problem?
–in a word–

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