“Blame it on National Pollinator Week”: A Poem for Mark Sanford (R)

I just couldn’t get ove(R) it.
Whateve(R) got into Mark Sanford (R)?
Even the New York Times was moved to the best non-sequitu(R) I’ve seen in a long time: consider the following two sentences–
“Mr. Sanford has long been known as an iconoclast. As a congressman, he slept on a futon in his office.”
That sort of brilliance only comes along in…HEY!, I get it… this is National Pollinator Week (all this week) –that’s the only possible explanation for the Mark’n’Maria Intercontinental Mishigoss…..[]
Has Iconic Mark danced
Last Tangos Argentinian?…
On trails (Not Appalachian)…
he took a 5day hike…
with an email-female…
(Not his wife…)
Valuer of Families…
Frowner on infidelities…
Resister of (most?)
“stimulus” packages…
and McCain’s (pre-Palin) ’08 VeeP…
Our 2012 hopeful springs a leak…
The Buzz-zz-zz?
Blame it all on
Natonal Pollinator Week?

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