An anonymous neighbor leaves me a note taped to my door: please help me decode it.

friendly-noteWhen I got home on Saturday afternoon, a note dated “16 July” and taped to the door awaited me.
I had the vague feeling that I had seen the handwriting before –perhaps on another handwritten notice that had been publicly posted. But no firmer thought about this materialized, and so I cannot be sure of this. I reproduce the note here.

The note read:
” Hi — As A neighbor — —
did you ever think of
putting a few (Flourascent*) Lights
on around your building?
For Safety (For yourself) and for the
neighbors? *It-is-just-a-Few-
cents-a-year.!!! [This place is So
BLACK !!!], do you care??*
[IT has been proven that it does
work. “you-could-wake-up-dead”]
—Friendly neighbors.

That was it. I have reproduced the note line for line. There was one misspelled word; there were several underlinings, and –as you can see– generous capitalization.
My own initial analysis of the note’s handwriting noted several instances of its writer being perhaps more than a little worked up about the subject.
I’m interested in any comments or observations –or decodings– that you might have.

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