Neocon William Kristol: The new boy at the NY Times

First, welcome aboard at the New York Times, that same “east coast elite liberal paper” that you have vilified for years. There’s your desk, your blotter pad, your pen, your bottle of vitriol.
Just put your baggage over there –no, to the right of hatstand. Let me help you. See, I’m putting “Neocon Ideology” right next to “KneeJerk RightWing” and “Fair and Balanced”.

Breakfast is at eight. And your column is to run every Monday. Just carry on as if you were at “The Weakly Standard” –feel free to excoriate, fudge, crow, and cherry-pick as usual.

And, by the way, to make you feel at home we’ve had your favorite motto embroidered, framed, and hanging on the wall: “Four Legs Good; Two Legs Bad.” Don’t get upset, but you’ll find that some of your left-of-center columnist-pals here have the same motto in their offices: we all try to get along here, so it’s probably best not to bring it up.


There’s quite an argument at the NYT as to whether Kristol should have been given such a prestigious platform for his ideologically predictable views, or not. His contract runs for a year.

One of the arguments against having him at the NYT –an argument which I find has some merit, especially since I just came up with it– is that Kristol is such a regular mouthpiece for Bush-Cheney-stillRove, and The Party, and NeoCon Dogma, that it would be more appropriate for him/them to take out one of those whole page adverts in the New York Times that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon used to favor when he was reminding us that HE was The Messiah. Rev. Moon seems to have been supplanted by another Messiah in recent years.

(And by the way, here’s a tip: Don’t any of these guys know that REAL MESSIAHS use larger point type, have shorter messages, and NO biblical references [as in (Matt.15)] The reason for the latter should be obvious: when you are the REAL MESSIAH there’s no need to quote yourself from…way back then!)


I myself hope that we are all mature enough to brook an extreme right wing viewpoint.

But I have to admit that Kristol’s column yesterday, on The Great Success in Iraq and The Pending Victory, Under the Brilliant Leadership of Mr. Bush, reminded me of how difficult that might be from time to time.
And then I saw the light: let us refute Brother William, point by point. Let us call up the horrific record of ineptitude of the neocon-driven Admin, and their collective persistent arrogance, and the price that the nation has paid, is still paying, in blood there and injury and deprivation here.

We will demolish his argument.

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