That beer at the White House : here’s a thought!


Here’s my suggestion: a script for a conversation to go with that beer at the White House: What a Great Opportunity for all three –Obama-Gates-Crowley– to do something that NOBODY EVER DOES.
Something SO Very Teachable –for the whole nation!

Apologize to each other for all the things they did & said that they should not have. Each one could have chosen to avoid this smash; each one could have chosen not to cause or add to it. This did not HAVE to happen: The President, Prof. Gates & Officer Crowley were all responsible. Let’s see some sincere regret; a little confession, a little humility, a request for forgiveness, a determination to do better, to get along.

No one ever apologizes –for example, those lies about non–existent WMDs. We’ve had no apologies from Wall St./ Goldman-Sachs/AIG/SEC etc. We are adrift in a sea of our own “peccata mundi”.

“Say the words after me: I WAS WRONG…I’M SORRY…FORGIVE ME/US…”

OK, guys: now drink up!…
Hey, we should do this more often!…

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