A comment –comparing Rudy and George W.

A friend, KM –who knows who he is– commented by email on my analogizing of Rudy with George W. Bush:

“I agree with you that there must be a deeper personal story behind it (Rudy’s behavior), perhaps some childhood sin for which he has never forgiven himself or a need to supplant his father’s image in some way.”

In W’s case, I must say, I get more of a sense of the latter –the relentless competition with, and disapproval of, a “mild and unmanly Dad”.
These personality distortions –which no doubt we all carry, but hardly, one would hope, to such a pathological, disabling, degree– have had enormous negative repercussions for the nation. Consider for a moment how W. had to reject out of hand the proposals of the 2006 Iraq Study Group, which group was entirely composed of Dad’s friends –James Baker et al.

“Mission still unaccomplished,” W. It’ll go on your headstone –though I know, because you have repeated it endlessly, that you look beyond headstones to history’s presumed exculpatory obituary: “History will prove me right.”

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