The Afghanistan War: “The Taliban are ferocious fighters…if we don’t change our strategy, we will lose….”

The following is a comment I made to today’s NYTmes article about the war in Afghanistan:

“A brave Captain of the Marines that I know, spent 3 years in Afghanistan; came back early 2008; lucky to survive –several of his men died in what he and his men all agreed was \”a forgotten war\”. Forgotten by Mr. Bush; forgotten by America.

Forgotten. We just didn’t care. The few soldiers were there dying in twos and threes (–now it’s back to eights and tens). And we were all here, consumed with our overspending. We really didn’t care.

My friend told me \”The Taliban are ferocious fighters…\” Ferocious! He said that if we didn’t change our strategy, we would lose in Afghanistan.

Change to what? That’s what President Obama is now considering; hopefully he will take his time and not be rushed by the immature or the self-interested voices.

We should support him in this; I don’t care if you disagree; he will use your counter-reasons; that is support.

Hopefully he will conduct the maximum possible of his considering in public; that’s all to the good –hopefully we will all be drawn into this vital debate, and thrash it out. And thereby get involved, so that in the end, when the President decides, we will all have said our piece, and argued the points with him or against him. Making our contribution. Getting involved. Caring to.

(In a bar, in a blog, on a bus. On a cellphone, on YouTube, on Twitter, on Facebook. Etc Etc….)

Rush Limbaugh –Justice Antonin Scalia’s pal, and de facto leader of the Republican lapdogs & scaredy-cats!– wants Barack Obama to FAIL. He says so every day in his full-pitch diatribes! Doesn’t anybody talk to Rush? Does he listen?

Despite the right-wing fringe’s vilifications –which in my view are, frankly, traitorous, when it should be being doing it’s job of \”loyal opposition\”– I predict that President Obama (who does not yet have \”all the answers\” but has the intellectual equipment to ask \”the right questions\” and get the best answers) will emerge with the best possible decision in a hugely difficult debate, and we will then support his decision.

That’s why we chose him.

Only –Grow up America!

Your days of dazed gazing in mall windows are over!

For a while, at least.

Malachi McCormick

(Staten Island)”

Agree? Disgree?
(If you see something, say something… )

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