Barack’s Iraq plan and Hillary’s Iraq plan –which will win the debate with McCain?

Frank Rich has a very fine piece in the NYTimes today, which I recommend to all. I was moved to comment. Here is what I wrote:

“Thank you, Mr. Rich. What an uplifting review of our Obama Horizons.

But why am I still so nervous?

It’s because the ONLY HOPE that McCain and the Republicans have for victory in 2008 is relentless Iraq War/Terrorist fear-mongering. “The Reviled Incumbent” –don’t you love that phrase?– is already on board. McCain is going to be waving his “100 Years in Iraq” flag versus the “white flag of surrender” from now until Election Day. We think we’ve seen SwiftBoat? This time it’ll be TripleToxicSwiftBoat.

Are we ready for the onslaught? Can we demolish their argument; can we overwhelm them, demonstrably, with the rightness and responsibility of our plan for Iraq?

By the way, what is our plan for Iraq? What is Obama’s detailed plan? Hillary’s detailed plan? Whose plan will wipe the floor with McCain?

Now –while we still have time to articulate the rightness of our plan(s)and win hearts and minds– let us hear in detail from Barack and Hillary, both, how they intend to win that debate, and carry the majority of the nation with them.

Let us hear who has the best plan. Because, if our chosen candidate –be it the First African-American or The First Woman– loses the debate with McCain, and loses the election, and thus the nation’s chance for salvation, I don’t think we will be able to bear it. I know I won’t.

Here’s the thing: in the 2004 election the Republicans showed that they wanted to win more simply by winning. The question is: in 2008, do the Democrats really want it more?

You see why I’m nervous? So –let’s have those plans now.”

� Malachi McCormick, Staten Island

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