“Some of my best friends are…..what?”: New book just out, “The Invention of the Jewish People” by Prof. Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv U.

There was an interesting piece in the NYTimes Tuesday about a new book, “The Invention of the Jewish People”, by Professor Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University. It’s been a best-seller in Hebrew in Israel for the last several months, and now just published here. (I think I got the title right.)
The NYT piece was by Patricia Cohen who pulled off a nailbiting tiptoe through an IED-laden minefield spiked by a hodge-podge of all the different lobbyist’s groups just WAITING to be offended. She did an OK-ish job, but, I feel, did poor Prof. Shlomo something of a diss-service…
In any event, take a look at PC’s NYT piece –Tuesday, 11.24.09. Let me know what you think.
Who is a Jew? Who is NOT a Jew?
I’ve been contemplating Identity Conundra recently, and just wrote a comment to the NYT piece, which I reproduce here-below:


I used to be able to say
“Some of my best friends are Jews…”

Now I’m going to have to say… what?
“Some of my best friends are….not Jews?”
(I mean, beside all the ones who… really aren’t Jews?)

According to Gershom Gorenberg (NYTimes mag.):
It looks like The Chief Rabbinic Council of Israel***
beat Professor Sand/Zand to it–
It says that half the Jews in Israel
are not really Jews!
Further, they say that NO American Jews
(whether Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform)
are really Jews!

What’s going on here, my friends?
Not some new kind of self-denying Denial?

[***I said it was going to be trouble when you put those CRCI guys in charge, but did you listen?……]

–Malachi McCormick”

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