Those First-Sex Poems: Are we ready for a Tristan Tzara Whole-hog Dada Write-of-Passage “First-Sex” Cut-up poem?

After the “Poetry to the Max” reading at 70Bay yesterday I blogged some thoughts on the Category of Write-of-Passage FIRST-SEX POEMS with some suggestions for a Generic FIRST-SEX poem –we had several poems yesterday that fitted –more or less– into the category.)

Then I had another idea/ suggestion: Do a Tristan Tzara combination of all the poems.

And wrote a little poem about it.

POEM: Three Poems in One

A Tristan Tzara
Whole-Hog DADA
Cut-up Poem?

Cut the lines up
(and cut them down to sighs?)
of all the poems
and put them in a hat.
Pull them out
one by one;
paste them up
–just like that;
and read it out aloud.

That’s one poem
I’d like to hear
I’d listen to
(completely wrapt);
dealing with that feeling
we sometimes get,
from time to time–
(from rhyme to rhyme–)
that here inside
the Wrong Poem
all are trapped.
[heading downtown;
can’t get off.]

And glimpse too late
the Right Poem
(–the Number Six–)
closing doors;
heading off
in the wrong direction,
over on the Uptown platform.

[While inside
we stare bewildered
at The Poetry Map.]

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2 Responses to “Those First-Sex Poems: Are we ready for a Tristan Tzara Whole-hog Dada Write-of-Passage “First-Sex” Cut-up poem?”

  1. Kevin T. McEneaney

    Nice poem! That game was invented by Tristan Tzara (the Tzar of Love aka Sammy Rosenthal)about a hundred years ago at the Cafe Voltaire in Trieste. James Joyce was in the audience. For it to work, everyone needs to have consumed three or four drinks and then it will be more fun. (Twice I tried it out on morning college classes about a decade ago and the students thought I was plain whacko.) The theme of first sexual experince should be a real Howl (the title of one of Tzara’s most accomplished newspaper collages, now owned by the city of Chicago Metropolitan Museum).

  2. Malachi

    Thanks too for the Tristan Tzara info –I have been a TTZ fan for quite some time. At a local SI DaDa event a few years ago I made (and sang) a Tzara Cutup version of…”Me to game out take the ball” –so much better, livelier, than the original.