Concerning “New York Bicycle Solitaire” –An exciting update! And –No “Full Deck” jokes, please. OK?

Exciting news, my friends!

Having blogged very recently –qv– on my invention of “New York Bicycle Solitaire” (a game of picking up playing cards that I see on the ground while out riding my bicycle around New York) I have some exciting news!

Just as I got off the SI Ferry at South Ferry yesterday afternoon about 5 pm, what do I see but –not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR playing cards ( to wit, the 4 and 10 of Spades and the 9 and Queen of Diamonds: the first two I had already, but the last two were “new acquisitions”. In my 30 years of collecting I have a total of 43 cards, and at least one each of the 26 denominations out of the total of 52.

The circumstances of this 4-card Discard (unheard of in the World of Bicycle Solitaire)were not immediately clear.

An accidental drop? –unlikely.

Four separate individual drops? Please!

Deliberate Discard-in-Disgust of a losing hand in a card game? True, the 4 cards mentioned above hardly comprise a winning hand in any game I’ve ever heard of, but –however unlikely– that’s my best guess.

BUT — Four cards! The biggest find ever!

Of course there is something of an actuarial downside to all this!: 30 years to collect 26 of 52 denominations does prompt the calculation that I will have to wait until January 15th in 2040 to collect a Full Deck.

And –by the way– do spare me all those “full deck” jokes. Believe me –I’ve heard them ALL.

[I will be posting details of The Big Celebration ahead of time.]

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