McCain’s One Hundred Years in IRAQ…

Frank Rich has another powerful column in the NYTimes today, that drew the following comment from me. It’s in the “Comments” attached to his column: I reproduce a copy below.

As you will see, I felt a strong urge to weigh in on the claimed “success” of the surge that John McCain and the Republicans keep insisting on, and that the Democrats seem overly shy about discussing.
No doubt in my mind about it: the debate about “The War in Iraq” will be the deciding factor in the General Election in November.

Herewith, the comment:

[March 2nd, 2008 5:18 am]

“Can we PLEASE get it right? The surge is –so far– a FAILURE!

The surge will continue to be a FAILURE until the Iraqi politicians “step up” and complete their part of Mr. Bush’s original Jan 2007 Surge Deal. The political part, remember? (Without which — failure, futility.)

With great sacrifice along the way, our 30,000 extra surge troops have fulfilled their side of the Surge Deal. But they continue to die while we tolerate the Maliki & Co. inaction. Well-fed, well-paid, and safe in their Greenest of Zones– their failure to “step up, so we can step down” continues.

Mr. Bush has told Maliki that neither he or the American people “had endless patience”. Not quite endlessly endless, but, apparently, endless enough. At least so far.

In 2003, Mr McCain saw a “swift end” to our presence in Iraq. Somehow, in 2008, a mere five years later, that “swift end” has morphed into “one hundred years” swift. Which, let’s be fair, is not “endless”. But still!

Talking about patience: not to be unkind to the Iraqis –who, let us not forget, did not ask for any of this– but simply realistic, we should bear in mind that Iraqi subjects –including presumably Mr. Maliki and colleagues– effectively extended Tyrant Saddam several decades of “patience”.

Now comes the hard question:
What could better induce Maliki & Co. to act, to “step up”? Endless patience –a hundred years?– accompanied by continued blood and treasure support, or, some way of…stepping back? Before stepping down?

Think about it, Barack/Hillary, John….
But please,…step on it.

— Malachi McCormick, Staten Island

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