“Anyone can write a book. Anyone can publish a book. It takes a genius to sell a book!” –Alfred Knopf.

Now that I’m close to finishing my new book about Liam Lynch, “This should never have happened”, I have GREAT NEWS: I received my first order two days ago!

A Big Thrill (naturally I hope for…a few more!)

I posted a brief mention of my first sale on Facebook and got a number of congratulatory comments from my Facebook friends. One was from a Dadaist pal. She put me on the spot: “Does that make you a genius?”

I replied: Dear Ms. Dada: RE Geniuses selling book?
I warn all buyers of my books, “Caveat Emptor”.
And I always carry a sign on my table at Book Fairs: “Caveat Lector” so as to immunize myself against frivolous lawsuits.

My politics? You guessed it:
In a phrase, “Caveat Pre-emptor”.

[Update on Mr. W. MissMeYet-Not: Believed still searching for OsamaBin in Iraq!]

[PS: For you information: you can email me with your reserve. Thanks!]

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