ANNOUNCING: My new FACEBOOK Project (The Institute for the Study of Facebook Phenomena) That’s the ISFP to you!

Everybody is on Facebook. OK –not EVERYBODY…

[But 150,000,000,000 are. Or was it 750,000,000,000 billion. Wait a minute –that can’t be billion; we don’t have that many people on the planet. Maybe that should read “Million”? Or maybe it’s 750,000,000,000 in the universe? Or –maybe it’s the number of people who have ever existed, on this planet or any other planet, in this universe, or any other universe. Or –oh, forget it: it’s not important. NOT IMPORTANT! you wouldn’t say that if…..]

So –lots of people are on Facebook. And –at the same time– most of those people seem to put it down. Which strikes me a bit like criticizing the phone.

(You will have noticed in the preceding parargraph that I didn’t say “Put down the Phone”. We have strict rules about Ambiguity and Being Ambiguous, and even Intimations of Ambiguity, on this Blog .)

So –you ask/ IF you ask/– what is the ISFP (that’s the Institute for the Study of Facebook Phenomena, if you are not already used to ISFP, or actually distrust such mnemonic devices)?

Well, my very first example hereunder tells the whole story. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to be hearing your own ISFP example from you soon. (Be brief; be apposite!) And watch for the March 2010 ISFP Awards!


At a recent Photography Show opening here in Staten Island, I saw some people I knew –friends of mine– as I entered the small cosy crowded gallery.

But I soon discovered in talking to people and being introduced to them, or introducing myself, that the majority of people there (drawn mostly from our lively & diverse Staten Island Artists community) were actually already FACEBOOK FRIENDS OF MINE!!!

I just didn’t recognize them, or –truth be told– really even KNOW them from Adam! (Apart from those tiny snippets of info that we give about ourselves that everybody forgets, including ourselves.)

But –and here’s the other really interesting part– it still worked as a sort of… PRE-Introduction Introduction]”

All of which strongly suggests to me that –as a people– we could actually afford to be a lot friendlier to people in general.


[I’m open for all your FB observations and stories. I have lots of questions –for example: those huge disparities in the Numbers of Facebook Friends that people have. Is there a link to ….Fidelity…Infidelity…promiscuity…insecurity…How faithful does a Facebook friend have to be?…What do you think of my idea of auctioning off Old Facebook Friends on EBay…which I think must have great EARN EXTRA $$$ AT HOME potential. Is there anything…unethical…about that? Illegal?

And what about those….Facebook lawyers?

As I say, I look forward to hearing from you.

[Have a nice…rest of the day. Or not –it’s up to you.

By th’ weigh, this is has been(unanimously) adopted as the official end-salutation of the ISFP]

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