Eliot Spitzer: Hoist on his own (crusading) petard?

Not too long ago, I was rooting for Eliot Spitzer –at last, I thought, someone with the guts and the smarts to take on those bad guys.
Eliot, it seemed, could go all the way…

Who had any inkling of his astounding immaturity?

The New York Times had an online Question/Comment section that I just participated in, and thought I would post here also. Unfortunately a “Not Responding” notice voided my copy & paste attempt. So I will have to wait until tomorrow to pursue that –if the NYT approves my entry.

[But my comments dealt with the fact that many wellknown figures –such as Alan Dershowitz (I am not Alan’s greatest fan but…) and David Boies– seemed to be suggesting that there was something fishy about the whole story, and I found myself with similar concerns.
My questions asked how the NYT had gotten the story in the first place, and to what extent did the NYT consider that Spitzer’s enemies had played a part in the unfolding, plus one or two connected points.]

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