A notice to my friends: Because I was recently “hacked” and had my email address book used by the hacker(s), I have been unable to have access to all this important information.

As you can imagine, this has been very disruptive, and very distressing to me. Most disturbing is the fact that I know that a couple of orders –and a few questions– are being held up by this.

Please know that I am trying to correct this disastrous turn of events, and hope to be back to normal and in touch with everybody again very soon.

You may wish to note my new email address, which I just set up. It is stonestreetpress@verizon.net and you can use it for email immediately.

Again, my sincere apologies. There is an epidemic of internet crime at the moment, and no doubt for the foreseeable future. Please educate yourself as to any vulnerabilities you might have. A long, complex, STRONG password is essential, plus frequent changing of same.

For different reasons this has been a very disrupted few months for me and my books, and my new book (tentatively titled; “This should never have happened).

But –GOOD NEWS: it is shortly to come out.

AND –I will be posting selections from it on this Blog very shortly.
My best to you,
Malachi McCormick

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