PART TWO/ Some (further) thoughts on Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Ireland: Concerning Liam Lynch & Seamus Heaney –and my new book, coming soon.

Many of you are asking about my new book: I will shortly post a new update here on where it is now, and when it might be published.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that my book project was very much in mind as I followed the royal visit. To give you two examples:

On the first day, the Queen laid a wreath in The Garden of Remembrance, which commemorates all those who died in the struggle to free Ireland.
I blinked hard!
The Queen was laying a wreath commemorating “all those who died in the struggle to free Ireland”!
[Including –of course– Liam Lynch. Liam, I decided, was probably shaking his head –and even smiling– at this development.]

There is a famous saying in Ireland,
steeped in an understandable historic caution:
“Whatever you say, say nothing!”
What would the Queen say as she laid the wreath?
Not a word. What could she say?
The wreath was probably symbol enough
for the time being –a symbol of respect,
a symbol of acknowledgment….

My book was also much in mind when I read that poet Seamus Heaney was seated at the high table, between Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince Philip, who apparently had asked for that: Philip likes poetry, but not fiction.)

As you will see from my soon-to-be-blogged here Book Update, in the new “evolved” story, Liam Lynch now takes up the first part of the book –PART ONE: The WAR, (–what I had originally tentatively titled “This Should Never Have Happened”) and Seamus Heaney takes up the second part –PART TWO: The Peace.

The whole has become –for me– an even more extraordinary story. The new overall title of this Irish War & Peace story will be “Ireland Becomes Itself”.

[I say more about this in my new update –coming shortly.]

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