I’ve been active in the “Occupy Wall St.” protests at Zucchotti Park in New York. Here’s an exchange I had today with some Facebook Friends. You can catch the flavor. (I’ll do some more blogging on this important subject.

[APOLOGY TO MY BLOG READERS: Copying Facebook exchanges to my blog is not the smoothest of operations. Please forgive me. But I believe this subject is VERY Important.

What do you think? Have you joined the protests? Even started one in your hometown?

Malachi McCormick:
May I raise an unpleasant subject to QUESTION veracity? We all heard the (rightwing) reports of gross behavior by the Wall St. Occupiers. Probably the grossest –if true– was the CLAIM by the English Daily Mail that a protester had defecated on a police car. The Mail published a photograph to prove it. In it a youngman is leaning against the side of Police Car #2361; his pants are pul…led down to mid-thigh….
BUT –He is NOT taking a dump!!! NOT!!! –I say. If he were he would be dumping all over himself because of the leaning on the car!!! It makes NO SENSE!!! Furthermore, there is no “poop” in evidence in the picture. NONE AT ALL!!!

Instead, what he seems to have been doing was seeking a little privacy between a large mailbox and the car –to examine himself. He is NOT TAKING A DUMP!!! The Mail photographer takes his picture from the side.

You can find the pic on Google. Take a look. Do you agree with The Daily Mail –or with me?

Many people think that it’sThe Mail THAT’S FULL OF IT! [ Again –no sign of poop in the photograph!!!]

[Again, my apologies for raising this unpleasant subject –ie putting out lies about something because you feel threatened by it.]

Walter Ian Kaye: Hmmm
No visible poopy lines, but still Ew.

All negative FOX+ comment on the protesters leads with the alleged defecation story. It is of course such an unpleasant story that most people seem to have believed it. (As I did –more or less). But on an instinct I thought “Let me just t…ake a look at this story. It’ll only take a minute. What can I find out about it?.” Having done so, now I believe that by most (fair & balanced) and objective interpretations, the story is false and malign propaganda.
Again, I apologise for the unpleasant subject, Walter to you & to everyone else. But if it is a lie, as it seems to be, hold you nose (so to speak) and take another look.

“Occupy Wall St.” is, I believe, a very very serious movement –an opportunity for our small pained voices to try for significant redress: we owe it to ourselves to add our own protest. (Or get out there and attack it, if that’s your take…)

So, yes, Walter –even though I accept your “still Ew” comment, what about these larger questions?
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29 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Malachi McCormick PS Let us please have some PERP WALKS! Please?

Malachi McCormick PS 2: Because our society can’t (or won’t) define “GREED” or “FAIR”, I say, get ready for “CHAOS”

Malachi McCormick PS3: Both PS’s were my signs that I took to Zucchotti Park to participate in the protest. There are a lot of VERY SERIOUS people down there, looking for justice and redress.
[MAKE some signs and we’ll go down together!]

21 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Walter Ian Kaye Well, of course it is difficult for me to determine what the guy actually did in the absence of either “poop proof” or a comment from him.
What is a Perp Walk?
I am wondering what OWS will accomplish beyond just “sending a message”, which it has already done. I mean, the corrupt system will not fix itself, and standing in a park won’t fix it either.

18 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Malachi McCormick PS4: Another one of my signs:


[It’s a great exercise: can you get your top ten beefs onto ten, ten-word 18×12 pieces of cardboard. Then, take them to Zuchotti Park and stand in front of the FOX or CNN camera.]

13 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Malachi McCormick Walter: “Perp Walk” is New Yorkese (I though it was nationwide, but I may be wrong) when the police walk or parade a “perpetrator” (after capture) in front of press photographers so we can all get a look at them. (There is a question as to its strict legality, but is a time-honored practice.)
To date we haven’t seen one top 1% perp.
5 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Malachi McCormick
Walter –you are correct to question OWS effectiveness. I try to make my signs “more pointed”.

For example, another sign calls for More Consumer Saving –i.e. for Consumer Boycotts — as a real way to get Wall St’s attention.
about a minute ago · LikeUnlike.

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