Republican “Religion” –Mitt, Rick ‘n’ Newt…

It’s not like The Old Days!
Amazingly, foremost among the Republican candidates are…a Mormon (Mitt), a Catholic (Rick) and a recent Catholic convert (Newt).

Even though part of me strongly doubts the complete sincerity of Newt’s conversion –it seemed cleverly conceived to deflect and deflate the inevitable attacks on Newt’s “baggage”. It’s easy to imagine Newt’s cajoling tones: “I SAID I’m sorry!” …
…To a high degree it worked; the media was intimidated by all that talk of conversion. And I confess: I found myself less troubled by Newt’s conversion, whatever…. than by some of the vibes that were coming from Mitt ‘n’ Rick.

On many levels I find Rick Santorum’s strange, strange story about him and his wife sleeping with their dead son Gabriel, and the subsequent interaction with their six other kids, to be most disturbing. Whatever the rights & wrongs of the situation; and without in any way challenging RS’s sincerity, didn’t he know to keep the whole thing to himself!

In general he seems not only to be a man of rather extreme religious & moral views, but also not able to help himself in conveying to the rest of us a “holier than thou” attitude.
It all leaves me with a strong sense that a Santorum Presidency would be something new in Insufferable Sanctimoniousity, not to mention an utter insensitivity to delicacy and appropriateness in all related matters.

My advice: Rick –get your own Religious TV show! It would be a much better forum for moralistic fulmination than The Oval Office.
You could call it SANCTUS SANTORUM –I yield you the intellectual property rights for the name.

Mitt –as we know– is a Mormon. (Not, we hasten to add, that there is anything wrong with that!) But for a lot of Southern religious folk –and a lot of Republicans– that seems to translates to… sorry, just NOT Christian enough!

(Of course, the Catholicism of Newt ‘n’ Rick also puts them dangerously close to “Not Christian enough”. But this is not the place for an extended “Whore of Babylon” discussion, so we will let that go for now!

Nor do I intend to enter any debate about some of LDS founder Joseph Smith’s early…unusual… concepts.

But I did find myself struggling to come to terms with one LDS belief –the one that requires Mitt to keep a year’s emergency supply of food on hand. (Complete with passport.)

Emergency, Mitt? What do you mean? Sacks of lentils and dried peas in case an Iranian Nuclear bomb lands in the Rose Garden?

And where will you put it all? In Dick Cheney’s old bunker? Aren’t you going to need that too?

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