Despite some peripheral manifestations, OCCUPY WALL STREET is going from strength to strength.

Without spending TOO much time monitoring the political coverage of the media, this weekend (7th-8th January, 2012) furnished yet more evidence that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is going from strength to strength in capturing the attention, the interest, and more and more the admiration and even support of the nation. (And I suspect that there are even some 1-percenters in there with the rest of us 99-percenters.)

I was reminded of the role of the police around the OWS protesters: for the most part they were extremely well behaved and considerate of them, and many of the protesters’s signs said as much. [There were some exceptions on either side of the barriers, but they were VERY rare. It was clear that the vast majority of the police –in the midst of massive police layoffs– regarded themselves as being part of the 99 percent.]

Yesterday I reported in this blog the strong support that author Chris Hedges had expressed: for him, OWS represented the very top, the essence of participatory democracy –the energy vital for tackling the ills of our abused and broken system.

We KNOW that the system is broken when we consider NOT JUST that no one from Wall Street responsible for the Financial Reckless Speculation and Collapse of 2008 has been indicted, but that IF IT HAD BEEN UP TO MOST OF US, we would not even have demanded indictments. Or, possibly, even known that a crime had been committed at our expense!

Yes, I am afraid so!

That is how passive we had become. Let’s face it, we are incredibly naive about the workings of these interconnected systems, and that very naivete is an absolute boon, an open invitation to the big banks and corporations to ride roughshod over the niceties of civilized behavior.

Here, let me enter a sincere plea: please, let us NOT blame the banks and the corporations!
Rather, let us blame ourselves for letting them get away with it. We begin to address these ills by taking responsibility ourselves. Nobody MADE us do anything –we were often too willing, and blind, participants. We have come too far to surrender the power back to The Perps. Justice will be administrated. We will insist on it. And it will be a huge education for us all.

There will come a time –and I feel it will be quite soon– when the Wall Street Perpetrators are subjected to the embarrassment of being paraded through the Public Square.

And how very fitting it would be for that Public Square to be Zuccotti Park!

What a sweet roosting spot for chickens to come home to!

My friends: Save those banana peels and that rotten pizza: we will build old village-green stocks in Zuccotti Park and clap those Wall Street Perps into them.
My sense is that it is not the huge fines (that they no doubt deserve to pay) but the Public Embarrassment visited on them that will be the most effective deterrent.

[I had intended to reproduce here –but will save it for the next blog– another piece from Sunday’s CSpan –a talk that I saw by an author, Catherine Crier, who had written a recently published book. ( She had been a judge in Texas, but then went to work in Television –working both sides of the media-aisle, i.e. with CNN AND FOX.
She was visiting the rareified space of the New York Republican Women’s Club, where the mostly matronly audience sat in comfortable and handsome flowery sofas.

The unnerving Din of Pindrop was utterly eliminated by thickly piled carpetting.

One gracious and softly spoken matron rose afterwards to “thank our guest” for her “most interesting” presentation, but when it came to the nitty-gritty of her question for Catherine Crier (who, it turned out, was a treacherous turncoat from a Republican family ), she began to speak of The Evil of President Obama –and of George Soros! Our matron made no mention of the Koch Choirboys!

Quite a performance!

I strongly recommend to your attention the piece I reproduce in the next blog-item –it is a very powerful Non-Partisan piece.

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