Chris Christie: Savior of The Nation? Or just Governor of New Jersey?

[NOTE: I drafted this short piece about NJ Governor Chris Christie a short while ago. Now I will only note here –as I publish it– that Christie, who attacks President Obama for his alleged “destruction of the nation….and his toxic effects on it” is a member of that small elite group of A-Team Republican (definitely several cuts above the Romney-Gingrich-Santorum-Paul lot) who frequently insult and degrade President Obama, BUT –who all have refused to step in and “save the country that they love above all other things”.

Christie-Mitch Daniels-Jeb Bush etc etc. Put up or shut up time has gone by, and you have refused to come forward.]


[Here now, my earlier draft:

A word of advice to New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie:

You are Obama’s angriest, harshest, most derisive critic.
Obama, you say, is destroying the nation!

… Many Republicans in despair turned to you,
Default Saviour of the Nation. They implored, they beseeched you to run.

But you TURNED DOWN the chance to save us all!
Why? More important things to do? Not the best time for you right now? Spend more time with the family (–around that Christie table!)

(Or –perhaps– afraid you wouldn’t win?)

You reveal your true self in your actions –and inactions.

My advice, Mr. Christie:
Put a sock in it. And a few more notches in that belt.

[Oh, and, by the way –well done in New Jersey.]

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