“We need a Second Party….the 2012 crop of GOP candidates is like a Scrabble rack of all vowels,” writes Thomas Friedman in Sundays New York Times.

Friedman’s column today was a strong one. Some quotes from it, just to give you the flavor.

“Watching the Republican Party struggling to agree on a presidential candidate, one wonders whether the GOP shouldn’t just sit this election out –just give 2012 a pass….”

“…the party has let itself become the captive of conflicting ideological bases: anti-abortion advocates, anti-immigration activists, social conservatives worried about the sanctity of marriage, libertarians who want to shrink government, and anti-tax advocates who want to drown government in a bathtub.”

Friedman has in the past argued for a third party. Now he writes “What we definitely need is a second party, a coherent Republican opposition that is offering constructive conservative proposals on the key issues and is ready for strategic compromises to advance its interests and those of the country.”

How many times have I talked about this in the past –the Loyal Opposition!

Friedman ends up:
“Until the GOP stops being radical and returns to being conservative, it won’t provide what the country needs most now –competition– competition with Democrats on the issues that will determine whether we thrive in the 21st century. We need to hear conservative fiscal policies, energy policies, immigration policies, and public-private partnership concepts –not radical ones. Would somebody please restore our second party?”

Friedman ends with a trenchant sentence:
“The country is starved for a grownup debate.”

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