The Republicans and The Conservatives: all dedicated angry, victimized, blamers of President Obama. The latest effort –the C-PAC convention over the weekend was the latest –and shrillest– demonstration of this syndrome. (Everybody has yet to discover that their own best interests are not served with partisan divides, but with people-power –99% power.

Conservatives blame Republicans.
Republicans blame Conservatives.

CSpan televised the whole depressing C-PAC show. One panel of five young ‘tea-partiers’ hurled a high-school level of nyah-nyah-nyah invective at Occupy Wall Street –which has been extraordinarily effective (I have in the past quoted the OWS examples of getting people –650,000 of them– to move their accounts, worth $4.5 billion, from large banks to credit unions; and scaring The Bank of America and Verizon, among others, into not raising their fees.)

Yes, we are entering a new world, where the voice of the people will not be silenced.

Sad to think that so many tea-partiers could so easily discover their kinship with OWS, if they could get over that right/left divide.

Fixing the future is not a partisan issue.
It is a people issue.
A 99% issue.

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