Exhilaration –a brief reflection (Thanks to Jon Stewart and his good-humored but relentlessly cutting sendup of FOX News’s ongoing use of ‘talking points’ as demonstrated on this evening’s Dail Show (2.28.2012) [This is Part One of two parts.]

Tonight’s Daily Show showed off the great powers of satirist Jon Stewart. Clearly he is one who follows not just the news but the extraordinary partisanship with which it is almost always presented.

Trying to follow “the news” on ANY channel, but especially on Fox News, in this political season of Exalted Polarization can be deeply dissatisfying –even depressing when one thinks of the pathetic level of ‘reality’ that the public, with its generally restricted sources, is being offered. Those of us who do it rather more than probably is good for our mental health have long felt the presence of the hidden subtext of Talking Points that are circulated.

As an example, Fox has recently begun using the phrase “soaring gas prices”: one hears it seemingly –and relentlessly– everywhere. All Fox announcers are trained to attach a “This is Obama’s fault” subtext to this.

Tonight Jon Stewart demonstrated in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes this relentless repetition. Stewart is a master of the meter and cadence required for truly effective satire, and Fox was not spared. And he has a fine grasp of The Light Touch.

Added to this was the fact that one of the Fox announcers –Steve Doosey (sp?)– went too far and actually referred to the existence of said Talking points, which the announcers are NOT supposed to reveal (–I assume, to maintain a last vestige of supposed spontaneity.)
His colleague, Gretchen C. , did a double take at Steve’s breaking of the Rupertian-Rogerian First Law of Talking Points, to wit, Thou shalt never even ADMIT to the existence of Talking Points. Her transfixed ‘stuck pig’ expression when she heard Steve’s “for all the world, utterly casual” mention of “Rising Gas Prices”, was a priceless detail for Stewart to have caught, and then presented to us –and REPEAT it, and then HIGHLIGHT it.

Jon Stewart’s sharp intelligence, matched with the extraordinary technology of Modern Vide-ology (Is that a word? It is now! ) is a formidable tool in this Year of the Votecatcher.

[TIP to FOX: Hey, Fox, you’re always griping at the ‘mainstream media’ –of which you of course are a primary member– partisan ship. Why not give Satire and Humor –oh, and The Light Touch– a go?
Of course, when I think of my Radio Boys Rush-Sean-Mark with their daily high-pitched 9-hour Anti-Obama bombast –together with their shameless insults– LIGHT TOUCH is not what one thinks of with this humorless gang of sneerers.

There is no humor in the hapless sneer (–nor can there ever be.)

[I will make a couple of points on the subject of Exhilaration in the next posting, which follows immediately.]

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