Dear Mr. Lloyd Blankfein: Are you ready for “OCCUPY GOLDMAN SACHS”? [GS –who refers to us all as “Muppets” has just started a gauzy PR campaign on TV]

[Today’s New York Times has a piece on the frontpage about Goldman Sachs new TV campaign, after it came out this week that GS referred to its suckers as “Muppets”]
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Malachi McCormickStaten Island, New York, U.S.A..

Dear Mr. Blankfein,


Check out FRONTLINE’s “Money, Power & Wall St.” & the Goldman Sachs it showed us before you start your intelligence-insulting PR campaign
I thought that you were the man at GS where “the buck stops”? Clearly, “The Buck” DOES stop there, but NOT the responsibility! That went spiralling on to the Suckers/Muppets/”Sophisticated Investors” who got caught.]
You & your 1% ilk seem to share the same management model with Rupert “I am not responsible. Those under me betrayed me & my trust” Murdoch. At the Senator Levin hearings, not ONE of those four GS top-earning witnesses –those brilliant “quant-nebbishes”– took a shred of responsibility. You yourself seemed incapable of grasping Senator Levin’s questions. [On a personal note I did find you more “likeable” than that scary foursome, though this mystifies me.]
GS’s “clever” recklessness played a huge part in causing the recession & the terrible pain it caused all over the nation. The question for you now is “What Lloyd Blankfein/ Goldman Sachs behavior will YOU change; what self-regulation will Mr. Blankfein embrace, so as to avoid causing such pain to us all again?”

There is an even more important question for you & all of Wall St. “Why do you & your 1% friends RESIST & REJECT the need for such regulation when justice REQUIRES it?”

We demand indictments & we demand Perp-walks. We require a healthy Wall St.

–Malachi McCormick, Staten Island

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