FACEBOOK –Some thoughts & observations….

In a few short years, Facebook has for me gone from being a useful resource to acquiring many unnecessary, faddish & irrelevant features, and then to becoming more and more complex, to becoming more and more corporatized.

That’s the word: Facebook is become more and more CORPORATIZED!!!

In the last few weeks, as The Facebook Bubble became more and more inflated and as the delirium of HOW MUCH MONEY Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg was worth, would be worth –it became startlingly and overwhelmingly clear to me —
The thing that brought so many people to Facebook –The Attraction to The New Thing!– was GONE. Soon to be (if not already) PASSE.

The featurelessness of the Zuckerberg Visage was always a little disturbing to me –a TELL, as they say in the world of Poker.

Then there was that extraordinary Wedding Photograph, with MZ’s expressionless Look At ME face. Isn’t one’s wedding day supposed to have more meaning than that.

But the really bad news for Facebook & MZ was when GM announced that advertizing on FB just wasn’t worth the money!

So, nine hundred million people were on Facebook, but nobody was buying anything. That Corporatized Entity that Facebook so clearly wanted to become; that put its “followers” in second or third place;
would be the death of Facebook. The “cachet” was now “passe”! (Or soon would be.)

The bungled IPO offering has quickly revealed something that took us all quite some time to realize –there were INSIDERS (like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs) and there were OUTSIDERS.

We still don’t know the (presumably uncomplimentary) term
that Zuckerberg & Facebook used for all of us –we 99%?– but he could probably rent Goldman Sachs (erstwhile private) word for us. Remember it? The Muppets!


Yes, of course –we would like to know if Mr MZ has any regrets? If he has learned anything from this? Anything that might restore Facebook to even a fraction of its earlier usefulness.

Or was that all a ploy?

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