The Town of Cobh: those new images on the Stone Street Press site

I’ve just been looking at the most recent changes that my daughter Sion has been making to my site…I’m amazed and proud…

She has used a couple of photos for the the home page which are of Cobh, County Cork in Ireland, where I come from. They were a surprise, and quite wonderful to see.

It gave me the idea that a photo-tour of Cobh might be a nice idea to incorporate into the SSP site. It’s a lovely little town, with an interesting history (especially maritime) and would make a nice project. Let me think about it.

In case you are interested, Sion is now designing websites and I can see that she is bringing her artist’s and her literary sensibilities to the work, which adds a warm and personal touch –not often seen in the web-world.
(Thank you, my dear.)

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One Response to “The Town of Cobh: those new images on the Stone Street Press site”

  1. mccormicky

    Unfortunately I couldn’t work those images into the new site design. I’m going with a more streamlined,less distractions kind of look this time.