HOLIER THAN THOU….post Rev. Wright, let us now consider the Rev. Hagee

I’ve just been reading the NYT editorial about Barack Obama and his dissociation from Rev. Wright. I emailed the following somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment to the NYT, and post it here for General Edification:

“DEARLY BELOVED! Our text for today:

“Stand by thyself, come not near to me; FOR I AM HOLIER THAN THOU.” (Isaiah, 65:5)

Having dispensed with the Nutty Unpleasantness of the Reverend Wright, does that mean we can now turn our attention to the Nutty Unpleasantness of the Unrelentingly Anti-Catholic Pastor Hagee, who has Maligned the Catholic Church for Decades. (Not to mention Jews, who –Hagee teaches– MUST convert to Christianity or be Damned to Hell, in the “End Times” –which begin, I understand, the Day After Tomorrow. In the meantime, Hagee and many other Evangelicals really love Israel!)

Senator McCain, Continued Embracer of Hagee: I thought that Catholic (and Jewish) vote counted for something?

PS: In Special Consideration of the Tract-Prone* Readers among us, I have employed Extra Capitalization.

(Note to SSP blogreaders: I originally wrote “Tract-Happy”, but on second thoughts considered it a little flippant. Hence, “Tract-Prone”.)

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