The Disgruntling of Scott McLellan

Scott McLellan Points

Scott McLellan Points

Poor Scott! All your old pals from the White House ARE PUZZLED!

You puzzle them! Which must really mean that they cannot figure out what has happened.

Not the Scott we knew, they all aver.

“We are puzzled…”
“It is sad….”
“He must be disgruntled….”

Wait a minute! Disgruntled? Now there’s something I really know something about –I think. If Scott has become disgruntled, the clear implication is that he has –up to recently– been “fully gruntled”. It goes without saying.

Some thing has happened to Scott to have his grunt removed, taken from him –or to be more accurate, his gruntle.
Which also raises the question: Was there a time when plain-Scott, Scott-at-the-beginning, ur-Scott, had to be fitted with a “gruntle” –the opposite of being disgruntled. That would have to have been when he first met George Bush –the “in-gruntling” phase. (Not, note, “be-gruntling”….)
George Bush, the Grand Gruntler. He looked into Scott’s soul…

GRUNT, says the dictionary, is “1. To utter a deep, guttural sound, as does a hog. 2. To utter a similar sound –and, clearly, here’s where we get to Scott– as in disgust, annoyance, etc.”

Which makes it all very confusing, because “being disgruntled” suggests that Scott is no longer disgusted or annoyed.

But –don’t you see…

THAT explains it all!

NOW we understand why all his old pals, Karl Rove, Ari Fleischer, Condolezza, Donna Perino, Dan Bartlett –who all love Scott– are PUZZLED.

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