Garden Notes: Concerning the birds….

Vito Fossella

Vito Fossella

Thursday’s Staten Island Advance featured Kathryn Carse’s piece –the same that was bumped by the recent Vito “Twice the legal limit” Fossella’s shenanigans– about the Birds and Music at No. 1 Stone.

You can find it at If that link doesn’t take you to the actual piece itself, you should be able to find it on the page.

I thought Kathryn did a very nice job on a somewhat diffuse subject. The Cardinal, however, was a little miffed: “How come there’s a photo of this old bird sitting at a keyboard, and zilch of the Prima Donna?”
I saw his point. (Didn’t have the heart to correct him on gender.)

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One Response to “Garden Notes: Concerning the birds….”

  1. mccormicky

    Hi Malachi-I found and put in the exact link to this article.It’s a really nice piece…not sure about your Geppetto resemblance but I’ll take her word for it.
    I’ll be sure to add it in to your Press page.
    Terrific that she mentioned your books and the website!