Taking care of Scooter: I will not comment until the legal process has played itself out…

That was The Decider’s stock comment –he would let the process play itself out; it would be inappropriate for the head of state to comment until it was all over.

A worthy posture, but an unworthy charade. As it turned out, the legal process wasn’t quite over. In fact it was entering possibly its most sensitive phase: with Scooter looking at 30 months of hard time, and with all possible legal “outs” removed, he was probably most vulnerable to deciding to come clean about what really happened. A very definite possibility. And a very unhappy prospect for all those who worked so hard to stop us from learning the truth of what had happened.

Perjury? No big deal.

(We are told that “Justice must be done, and it must be SEEN to be done”. If Mr. Bush truly wanted to commute justly, he would have lessened the time AND the fine.
Instead, one of the Loyal Circle stays out of jail. I bet that they have already raised that $250,000 for The Scoot. Why, he might even end up making a few extra bucks out of it all.)

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