Back to Iraq

These are some random thoughts and observations.

LOOK OUT, everybody –we’re just about a month from The Petraeous (sp? –but you know who I mean) Surge Report. They’ve already begun, just in case anybody hasn’t noticed yet. They started laying the ground before they even started The Surge.
We are all at the poker game and Bush is about to double the bet.

And now, a CONFESSION:
We’ve made a huge mistake. Remember when Bush did his “Mission Accomplished” landing on the flightdeck and we all –or many of us– grimaced and groaned and ridiculed?

THAT –I can now announce– was a MISTAKE. A HUGE MISTAKE.

THAT was indeed The Victory.
Look –it’s been all downhill since. I tell you –THAT was the time to bite back on our groans, the time to applaud (just like they used to all turn out and applaud Saddam at those Avenue of The Crossed Swords parades (on his way to one palace or other) or when they all ran out and bought his latest Romantic Novel. There was…True Romance. Yes, Saddam wrote 5 altogether, that’s 5 more than George Bush)
That was the time for us, for the nation, to mint a surprise Medal of Honor (twice as big as the one he gave to George Tenet, and none of your bronze. WE need Real Gold for this one. And have a Surprise Party where everyone knows about it but Bush. And there we all are in the Rose Garden for some invented reason, and he’s there and we bring out the medal and put the ribbon over his neck, and he wipes away a tear and does his best Reagan Stumble, Wink and Headfake, and he says to us “You guys!” as he looks at his Medal of Honor, and wipes away a tear, and sighs and says “This means more to me than….” and his voice catches and he breaks down.
And we all applaud.
And break into “For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow…”

Wait a minute. Wait just a DAMN minute. I never agreed to “For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow…” That’s going TOO FAR. You’re getting CARRIED AWAY. Just give him the damn medal and that’s it…

But you get my point. Nobody’s ever said Attaboy to him. He’s being going mano-a-mano with his Dad (CIA Absent Dad, right?)for ever.We are the ones who have got to be The Parent and not bring up the “Other Stuff”. Not now. Not until he’s gone. (Down the road. After Karl. Into history. Which will be the judge –if anyone buys the book. Iraq Books Don’t Sell, by the way.)

Have you noticed? (How could you not?) George Bush is Always Running. He has not, I contend, ever spoken a straight sentence to the nation. It’s ALL Spin, ALL the time.
Is this possible? Prove me wrong –somebody, please.

Look, we have gone from
“I honor his service to our country” said at the moment of stabbing John McCain in the back”; later used on John Kerry
To “mushroom clouds and smoking guns”
To “searching for WMD under the table” at the White House Roast –a truly hilarious moment.
To “Bring It On!”
To “Each life is precious”
To “New Orleans will rise again…whatever it takes.”
To “old Europe and new Europe…”
To “mission accomplished”
To “our hearts go out…go out…go out”
To “we fight them there, so…”
To “the Plan for Victory…”
To “everything was going so well until…Samarra…Al Qaeda…”
To “American are not Quitters”

(List is off Top of Head; NOT meant to be complete)

But you get the point, I trust: Please –give me one straight sentence, without posture, or bluster, or out-flagging us all, or wimp-grinding, or holier-than-thouing, or liberal-eliting us.

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