CONCERNING BILL AYRES: John McCain has an illegitimate black baby!

Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers


But, yes: that was the vicious and racist line from the Bush/Rove camp that effectively snatched victory away from John McCain in 2000 at the South Carolina primary: that he had an illegitimate black baby.
(In the interests of scrupulous accuracy, I believe they said that McCain had “FATHERED” an IBB, though I could be wrong: they might have said that he had “SIRED” an IBB…

Yes, I think it was “SIRED”

Not that it matters….
At least, not any more…
At least, not THAT much…

Maybe “sire” has something to do with “maverick”?
Oh, what do I know…

Anyway, that was when George and Karl “took the gloves off”. (Years before that, Lee Atwater “took his gloves off” with his infamous racist Willy Horton ad. that turned the tide and won the 1988 race for another Bush, #41 that was.)

(By the way: What IS it with the Bushes and racist campaigns?

The Bushes: Racist?
Absolutely NOT!

And yet…

…there it is!)

Now, John McCain is “taking the gloves off”. Sarah’s taken hers off. Cindy, too –did you notice?

Bill Ayres. The Weatherman. The Bomber. The Unrepentant Bomber. The Terrorist. To quote our multi-emoting Sarah –trying to act horrified and sarcastic at the same time–: “Obama palling around with…terrorists…”

McCain –who has really been upsetting Rush and Sean with his what they regarded, and denounced, as a “lukewarm” campaign– is “finally” weighing in. (What had restrained him? Some faint memory of other “gloves off” injustices? Some dim wisp of a long-discarded wish “to rise above ‘politics as usual'”?

Whatever it might have been, McCain has apparently fairly easily moved into:
[Phase: Gloves Off.]

John is using those Tabloid Favorites:
“We demand to know the FULL truth behind….” approach.
“What is Barack hiding?…
“Come on, Ayres “funded” his first campaign…
“This goes to judgment….This goes to character….”

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

This is all –nothing but sheerest McCainian DESPERATION!

Looming Obama landslide victory….

John’s last chance. …

The famous McCain Hail Mary Pass. Except this one is darker; this one is poisonous….

Essentially, it is desperation –McCain’s “IF I don’t do it now, I’ll never forgive myself….”

For a long time John plugged Barack’s “lack of experience”. John had it; Barack didn’t.

What John did not realize –STILL does not realize– is that the electorate (both washed and unwashed sections) has been watching both candidates and weighing them up.

And the basic choice that they have to make (it seems to me; EVERYTHING in this here posting, by the way, is –“It Seems To Me” ) is between:

McCain with his 26 year-long, but often erratic, flip-flop, experience –the SOMETIME maverick– with all the unpredictable, gimmicky, impulsiveness that seems to spark much of his action;
McCain with his sometime-principled approaches ( he was, for example, Against Torture, Against Water-Boarding….but gave-in to Bush pressure);
McCain whose 2000 Anger at the Bush-Rove ‘illegitimate black baby’ calumny collapsed into his Unforgiveable 2004 Pander -with that unforgiveable on- stage “kiss and a hug” from George Bush….
ALL those McCains….

And –Barack Obama.

True, Barack didn’t have the 26 years of experience.

Barack has something different:
Demonstrably, to all of us except those “who will not see”, Barack Obama has something much better.
He has a fine mind and he has a cool temperament. (And he speaks well. And he writes well. And cares about language –in both respects.)

While McCain was “suspending his campaign and rushing back to Washington to deal with the Financial Crisis” (at which meeting, by the way, he apparently didn’t open his mouth once!) –incidentally, an earlier indication of McCain desperation– Obama quietly picked up the phone and successfully persuaded several of the Black Caucus members to change their minds about their NO votes.

It now looks like that the Electorate –the undecideds, and (I wouldn’t be surprised) maybe even a few of the “erstwhile Will Not See-ers” are deciding we need the Fine Mind and The Cool Temperament (more than those uneven McCain qualities) to solve our huge problems
(Financial & War are the two biggest –that we know of.)

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


John: a word about Barack and Ayres–
You know and I know that Barack never had anything to do with Ayres until the early 1990s. When he did meet him, Ayres was The Distinguished Professor of Education at Chicago University, one of our great universities. He was also, I read, (given by Mayor Daley) The Citizen of The Year Award for 1997.
All in all, a worthy individual –at least, we could be forgiven for thinking so; you, John McCain, could be forgiven for thinking so (if you wanted to); and Barack Obama could be forgiven for thinking so.

What about Ayres 1970s Anti Vietnam War activities?

Barack, when he found out about them, called the deadly bombings “despicable” –I understand that one policemen was killed, though the bombs were mostly used as Anti-Property devices….

But John –The University? The Mayor?

(Plus –by the way– they weren’t PALS. They weren’t…”Palling around”.

If you could pass that on to your unblinking sidekick…

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