This may be the MOST IMPORTANT thing you’ll ever read. (Never mind the ‘may’ hedge in my reiteration –I just threw it in so that the line scans properly.)

So –let’s get straight down to business.

I want to talk, first, about GOD. And then I want to talk about RELIGION. These two subjects have NEVER been talked about in the way in which I will now talk about them here. You’re reading it here first.

GOD! We all know the name. Some of us believe in God (I avoid saying him, or Him, or — (as some will have it); some do not. Some of us are confused. Some claim atheism; some deism; some….
Some say: “I believe there is SOMEthing…I just don’t believe in God.

Yes, GOD! We all know the name. We all know…the word, or…The Word.

Here –in this apparent age-old discussion– comes my NEW BIT.

GOD! The word. Where does it come from? Well, let’s look up the etymology of the word.
GOD. Let’s see –the entry in my American Heritage dictionary refers me to the index of Indo-European roots: See ‘gheu(e)’–it tells me– in the Appendix.
I look up ‘gheu(e)’ in the Appendix, and what do I find? “To call, to invoke (suffixed zero-grade form. Next comes ‘ghu-to- “the invoked”…etc etc.

How very interesting, you are saying to yourself –just as I did to myself many years ago when I first made this discovery. GOD is…”the invoked”. GOD is…Who you pray to!

Let me repeat that: GOD IS WHO YOU PRAY TO.

I will leave you to savor that for now. We can discuss the import of it later. But you can see why I think this may be earth-shattering and revelatory: does this not suggest that it is we, with our prayers, with our invocations, who create God, and not the other way around?

How brilliant an idea is that? (So brilliant that only GOD could conceive of it!) We all knew –I should perhaps rather say: many of us knew– to expect something staggeringly brilliant of God, but this is….truly awesome.

Or –as I like to put it– AWESOME and THENSOME!

Don’t fret if this all introduces an unexpected, wait-a-minute, icy note of Personal Responsibility. We will deal with all that later.

But you have to admit: it opens the door to PHASE TWO of The Creation Story. As a race We Humans have been stuck (for along time, if you look at history) thrashing about in the last few paragraphs of PHASE ONE. Unable to turn the page; to finish the sentence.
Remember that Soap Opera in the Garden of Eden? Whose fault was all that, by the way? The Apple’s? Eve’s, for tempting Adam? The Serpent’s, for tempting Eve. Adam, for being such a schnook? Or –Yahweh’s, for setting the whole thing up? (Warning: Careful who you blame!)

No doubt about it: my nomination for the TRUE ORIGINAL SIN is –not taking Responsibility. And we’ve been doing that ever since. The reason, surely, that we are in such a mess, is –that no-one wants to take responsibility. I mean –look at our so-called World Leaders: it’s a joke!
(More on this later –as I warm to my theme.)

In my next e-pistle (that may be too cute, but I do want to close now)
I want to tell you about My Nephew Ronan, who revealed his UTTER GENIUS to me at the age of…not quite two years old.

Then we’ll go into RELIGION, which –remember– was my second word. [A clue: That ‘LIG’ syllable in “re-LIG-ion” is the same as in “LIG-a-ment”]
There, I’ve as much as given it away. The etymology of “religion” is: “That which binds us together”. We can argue about what that is –is it Money? Or Fear? Or Sex? Or Death?
Could it be…Our Humanity? Even…our Spirituality? Our Spirit? I don’t know. But it does seem worthy of a few minutes discussion.

The question is: What does bind us together? What is our (real) religion?
What is it?

More later.

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