Read Maureen Dowd on Colin Powell today!

maureen dowd and arianna huffington

maureen dowd and arianna huffington

That’s a really great piece today. I submitted the following comment to her……

“Dear Maureen,

I like this Dowdian outrage. First we have the AIG “peasant-shoot” earlier this week.

And now this FINE FINE Colin Powell column.

As I listened to his very moving endorsement of Barack Obama on Sunday, I thought –you know, if Mr. Bush had listened to Powell (& General Shinsecki) when he recommended The Original Surge with the overwhelming force of 300,000 U.S. soldiers, that outrageous war, which never should have begun, would have been over in three weeks; 4,400 U.S. soldiers would not have had to die (and our poor hearts would not have had to go out, at least not that much); not to mention the uncounted thousands of dead Iraqis, and all the dreadful injuries to American and Iraqis, AND we would have that trillion dollars still in our Treasury, not knowing what to do with it.

In a nation where the President and Leader of his party isn’t even allowed inside the door of his convention, and where the Iraq War has apparently slipped the minds of most Americans, it seems to me that we can do with a lot more anger, a lot more outrage. And a lot less denial!

So –I love that well-written Dowdian irony, but –more outrage, please. I think you will agree that even outrage-spiced-with-irony is often….”Insufficient Unto the Day…”

Malachi McCormick, Staten Island.

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