My paintings

I have evolved these paintings on paper from the one-of-a-kind handpainted slipcase covers that I make for my “RANAPHILIA: Love of Frog” (Three miniature books, slipcased, which I describe as “eccentric frogiana”.) I wanted to do these as “frogskins” –in a sense, replicating the extraordinary range of batrachian colors.

As it happened, quite a few people wanted the paintings without the slipcase and the books, so I took to doing three-inch-square works which I frame in 5″x7″ clear glass frames, which I think show the paintings very well.

I use a variety of media for the work –intense inks which I mix with a wide range of additive mediums –gloss, matte,iridescent, and others, which I apply –drop by drop, dot by dot– with a variety of applicators, from needlepoint up to one-eighth-inch diameter dowels. Often, smaller dots go on top of bigger dots, giving the finished surface an unusual degree of texture.”

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