WATERBOARDING? What is it? A cup of tea? A walk in the park? Or, Repugnant? Illegal? Big trouble for Bush?

11/2/07, 01:53 PM
Judge Mukasey thinks it is “repugnant” but he doesn’t know enough about it to say whether it is illegal! Let’s put that one down as a Repugnant Cup of Tea, or, a Repugnant Walk in the Park, for the Judge, the Rudi Guiliani advisor.

John McCain and Lindsay Graham –no slouches in backing up their own party, but with enough independance to oppose its main stream (however inconsistenly.)– are both very opposed to Waterboarding and Torture. Both –by the way– are considered military experts and spokespeople: they know what they are talking about; and they understand the stakes and for risks for our own military.

In captivity, terrorist Khalid Sheik Mohammed was subjected to waterboarding by CIA operatives, who have spoken about it. KSM’s ability to endure the (Repugnant Cup of Tea) practice of waterboarding –he could endure it for 2 minutes and 13 seconds– amazed those CIA folks, who themselves, when they subjected themselves to the same treatment, could’nt take it. They gave up after only a few seconds. They were in awe of KSM.
The obvious question: if it is NOT torture, why was it that the CIA operatives could not take it? And what was it that “amazed” them about KSM’s two-minute-plus endurance –if not the severity of the torture?

Those tortured exchanges that we saw Rudi-adviser Mukasey participate in at those painful hearings the other day may seem to have been discussing torture, but they are really concerned not about the deed but about IMMUNITY –Immunity for the torturers, from the CIA right up to the Oval Office, about a practice that has been ruled illegal in the past. It’s not the crime, it’s the you-can’t-touch-me getting away with it.
Apparently, we don’t really care if its torture, so much as it is about being able to prove Immunity.
I’m assuming that C_Span’s airing of the hours-long essay in hypocrisy and evasion, this negative advertising for the USA, went out over Al Jazeera for the edification of middle-east audiences. Do we never miss the opportunity to do some more recruiting for Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda?

On a connected point: the photographs of torture at Abu Ghraib were the administration’s brilliant stroke that really set world opinion against us. Now that was real recruiting for Al Qaeda.
And consider for a moment, how brilliantly we structured that one: we had those thousands of Iraqis (1% suspects, 99% poor innocent schlepps?) in prison, with Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld scrambling to come up with ANYTHING about WMD to justify the invasion.
There were no WMD! But –we KNEW they had WMD –someone in those thousands of Iraqis HAD TO KNOW about the WMD. Where they were? Where they were buried? Someone had to have seen them. Or knew they were shipped out to…where? Syria? Iran? (Remember that little “window” of a couple of months when everyone was talking about the Whole Planes that were Buried in the Desert? And those Mobile Laboratories that were rushing about all over the ME.

How do we get them to tell us, so the Inept Administration can save its ass? TORTURE! We TORTURE them? Let me at them –I can get them to talk. You want rabid dogs? You want women’s underwear?

OK. The point is: when you KNOW that something EXISTS that actually doesn’t exist, you need torture, and MORE torture, to extract the information, because in those circumstances, you can never have enough torture.

THE SORRY TRUTH ABOUT THE U.S. TORTURING is that it is born of our own frustration and deep sense of failure with getting it wrong, of not having enough (correct)intelligence. And I am afraid that I sense some revenge in there too.

Please, somebody. Stop this disaster. Now.

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