The Friends of Rudolph “Shop and Grieve” Giuliani

As of the first of November, 2007, Mr. Guiliani is ahead of all his Republican brothers on the campaign trail.

The man who parlayed walking down one corridor in the collapsing World Trade Center on 9.11, and then walking down another corridor, and finding a door, and then going out the door, has spun endlessly his corridorical perambulations of that day into a golden tale of refulgent heroism, missing no opportunity to remind “those folks out there in the heartland” of a non-existent heroism that nobody in New York ever bought.

Recently we’ve been getting some intriguing information about some of Mr. Giuliani’s friends. His great foreign policy advisor, Mr. Norman “The last of the NeoCons” Podhoretz is on record as saying that the U.S. should bomb Iran just as soon as it is “logistically” possible. Many of Norman latest batch of ex-friends, the erstwhile neocons, have deserted the neocon ship –such as Richard Pearle– but not Norman. He has not the slightest doubt that we should bomb Iran. It matters not a whit to him that the failed mess of Iraq lies a good twenty chapters from resolution; or that the Turks and the Kurds are at each others throats, or that Pakistan is slowly but very surely ripening into another even more horrific mess.
No. Apparently none of this matters to these cowboys. Mr. Podhoretz has no qualms: “Bomb Iran as soon as logistically possible.” Sounds good to Rudi.

We’ve been hearing from another pal of Rudi’s –Judge Mukasey, who seemed poised to become the next Attorney-General, until he got tripped up –almost accidentally, it seemed– with a question about water-boarding, a barbaric procedure first brought to us by Torquemada, the Grand Spanish Inquisitor.

Judge Mukasey is another Guiliani advisor.

My question: how come a seemingly civilised and educated (and good man) can twist himself inside out –on televised hearings, before the WHOLE WORLD– and deny that water-boarding is torture, or not necessarily torture, and then try to tell us that wb-ing still fills him with “repugnance”.
It’s repugnant, but apparently we still want to do it. And we want to show the world how hypocritical we are about it all. Do we think that no-one is watching us?

Make no mistake: if we think that our nation has suffered under the dangerous incompetence and arrogance of the Mr. Bush’s inept administration, be assured that a Rudi Giuliani administration would be a nightmare.

Shop and grieve, bomb Iran, and free-floating repugnance –this is not America.

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