Message to Israel: We kicked out our Neo-con gang here in the U.S. Now it’s your turn.

Ehud Olmert

Ehud Olmert

The news from Jerusalem today:

“Jan.11 (Bloomberg) — Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel will press forward in its fight against militants as troops moved into parts of Gaza City.

“Israel is nearing the goals it set for itself, but more effort, determination and patience is needed,” Olmert said in remarks to the Cabinet published by his office. “We must not, at the last minute, lose what has been achieved.”

It has become painfully clear: as I predicted here last week Israel will fail in its (ever-changing) goals for the death and destruction it has caused in Gaza,
and Hamas –for all the death and destruction it has caused in Gaza (and the little in Israel) will emerge victorious.

We will have a cease-fire.

Followed by another Hamas rocket into a field, which constitutes victory for Hamas.

Then…a new cycle will kick in at some point, “induced” by some other incident and perhaps exacerbated by another Israeli Election where the neocons provoke the faux-neocons.

And we start all over again.

In our schoolyard as kids we were advised “Don’t start a fight you can’t finish”. That was the rule.

Both Israel and Hamas have disregarded that rule; neither of them can end this fight, far less settle it.

All eyes are on the new President Obama: Do something! Settle it! Fix it!

All eyes, but probably not Hamas eyes. And Iranian eyes.

A prediction here. Actually it seems so obvious it hardly counts as a prediction:

Before…too long…. the U.S. will sit down across a table from Iran. Discussions will start. The eyes of the world will be focussed on those discussions; every little clue and possible indication of what’s going on inside the room will be scrutinized. The world will hang on every word, any –as they used to say– “joint communique”.

And what will be in that “joint communique”?

I have no idea. Actually, give me a couple of minutes to think about, and I’ll come up with something. Better still, you take a couple of minutes…..

But I do know one thing for sure:
Enter a new Super Power –Iran! Toe-to-toe with the U.S.? Impressive! Plus Imminent Nuclear Stature, while the rest of the world juggles its arguments as to why it shouldn’t have them.
Wait a minute! Israel doesn’t have a nuclear bomb, does it…….

Iran must be delighted with itself: for the sake of a few Katuschas and a “measure of discomfort” in Gaza it finds itself at World Center Stage, toe-to-toe with a nation that not-too-long-ago regarded itself as the Sole Super Power, after the demise of that other one….
Only that the U.S. has just put in 8 years of Inept Arrogance in the Middle East (let’s keep it at that for the moment)….

So that President Obama will enter the fray with U.S. strength at the weakest and most debilitated it –possibly– has even been.
Israel: I saw your advt. in the New York Times yesterday –in fact I’ve got it right in front of me:

A Map of New York –and right beside it, juxta-posed, Gaza, with three rockets directed at New York.
The Headline reads :”WHAT IF HAMAS WAS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD” (“YOUR” is underlined.)

An absurdly one-sided rationalization follows…..

The advt. ends with another headline: “THAT’S WHY ISRAEL IS FIGHTING BACK”


Probably the most revealing thing about the whole advt. is –WHO PUT IT THERE?

Not to keep you in suspense –and probably many of you are ahead of me– it was the ADL, The Anti-Defamation league, and Abraham Foxman (and GS Lewy)
put their names to.

Come on guys! Anti-defamation? This whole thing is a PR exercise? That’s your concern? You make it sound like a Bernie-Madoff “bad for the Jews” problem.
Don’t those ADL guys realize their days are numbered; are in fact over. Death and Destruction in Gaza is NOT a problem to be handled by the ADL.

This ADL-Gaza scenario reminds me of my friend Joe’s condo in Florida: it’s full of comfortable old retired Jews who all supported Bush 3/McCain and were opposed to Barack Obama (Yes, for all those trumped up reasons: Rev. Wright; Louis Farrackan; Terrorist Bill Ayres.)
Amazing, isn’t it. Just a short few weeks have passed and now Barack Obama is their and Israel’s “only hope” –the more so because of Obama’s even-handedness, the possibility that both sides will see him and accept him the only hope for peace and conflict resolution.


Can you see what an anxious period lies ahead?

It has just been announced that Osama Bin Laden has come out with a new urging to all suicide bombers against Israel. It is not clear what influence he may still have, but there can be no doubt that Israel’s overwhelming statistics of death and destruction visited on Gaza will ensure
that his audience is primed and angry.

Meanwhile we hear that there is now division within the Israel cabinet on how to proceed. The more military Ehud Barak is said to now favor a more conciliatory approach in Gaza, and Mr Olmert –still looking back and overcompensating for the failure of his illadvised and unplanned 2006 war, and at the same time looking forward and protecting his “legacy”– wants no let-up.

“We learn from history that we learn nothing from history”. Does Olmert have any idea about how much he sounds like George Bush, a pathetic man who could not show up at his own convention just a few months ago, but still stutters this week on about “his place in history”.

Have you noticed? How could you have missed it? In a stunning example of DorianGraySyndrome, The Bush Face is now disintegrating by the day: The man’s own face has turned against him, a built-in commentary, revealing him finally as the Ultimate Hollow Man, contradicting its very owner even as he speaks his every vainglorious self-delusional sputtering.

A Warning, Barack Obama, take a good look at that face as you pass it by on your way into the Oval Office: there could not be a more chilling, more personal symbol of the collapse of the last 8 years, or reminder of what you have taken upon yourself to undo. With a collapsing Middle-East –with Gaza at its center– on top of your list.

But you do have quite a bit on your side –even the district in Florida where my friend’s condo is, ended up going for Barack by –if I remember correctly– 4.7%. [The Audacity of Hope is a better bet than the Evaporating Maverick McCain –or the Bloviating Bombast of Rush and the Dispeptic Snivellings of Hannity, both of whom came out for McCain after they had stabbed him to death earlier on.]

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