Will the new RUDY GIULIANI be as friendly to gays as the old one?

Rudy Giuliani has been solidly pro-gay, right?

He bunked-up with his two gay-couple pals when his wife threw him out of Gracie Mansion; he even told them he would gay-marry them just as soon as the official paperwork came through… (Copiously reported in the media, and every one of them used “bunked-up”)

Why, he even got dragged-up every half chance he got; and he put on the whole drag-Tintoretto, too. (By the way, didn’t Jane Fonda use that in a movie once? I want to say “Cat Ballou”.) When putting on drag –I mean when it’s “just a joke” at the office, guys will put on lipstick and a dab of rouge, and maybe one of those frightful nylon platinum blond wigs.
But that never did Rudy. Rudy goes the whole nine yards of tulle: high heels; fishnet stockings; skirt slashed up to the thigh (and, hey, WAIT a minute: were those legs really waxed, Rudy?); and boobs, jewellry, perfume, eyeshadow, etc etc etc. (He didn’t have to go that far, but he did. That apparently is just the kind of extra-mile guy that Rudy is.)

But. Those were the old days. The gay old days. (The Gay Nineties?) And no doubt the gay community considered they had a friend in Rudy.

But now it’s different. To appeal to the conservative Republicans, Rudy is reversing himself on a number of issues –look for example at his
abortion-contortion. That felt an awful lot like a John Kerry “I was for it before I was against it” flip-flop to me. (But, apparently, with that whole Republican field there is nothing that has once been flipped, that won’t, or can’t, be flopped by Tuesday week….)

In this flip-flop season, Gays must be more than a little concerned that they might be losing a friend in Rudy….

One thing we have seen from the gay community in recent years –and one can at least sympathize because of the hypocrisy involved– is a willingness to confront politicians who have a public record of being strongly opposed to the interests of gays while in their private and personal lives themselves indulge in homosexual behavior –Senator Larry Craig was only the most recent example in a long line; that preacher man from out west (and weekly White House advisor) was another. Such painful diametric contradictions within a single psyche are not unknown.

The gay way to deal with this behavior is, of course, OUTING: where there is hypocrisy towards gays in a politician or public figure, that person should expect to be outed, or certainly should not be surprised if they are outed.
And these days it is not hard to do. The word spreads quickly through the various networks. Blogs and YouTube are just two of the communication technologies that are widely available.


So, on Friday, when I’m googling on the whole sorry Kerik story that was unfolding –with its concommitant richness of embarrassments for Mr “Maybe I made a mistake” Giuliani– what do I find but a couple of gay bloggers making direct statements that “Rudy Giuliani is gay”
I hasten to add: “Not that there’s anything wrong with it” Larry David gets a 5c. royalty every time we use his prescient qualifier.
My first –of many– question would be: “Impossible. What about all those marriages? Marriages, I should point out, to women! And, you can be sure, “bedded-down” and not “bunked-up” with. And those affairs, those City Hall trysts –again, with women.(“Not that there’s anything wrong with that either.” Ca-ching: another 5c. to Larry David) Crime and squeegie-ing may indeed have gone down in New York under Mayor Giuliani, but I think Adultery and hanky-panky may just have gone right up in that one-man spree. (“Not that there’s….” No, hold it right there: Larry David –10c is all you’re getting today.)

Watch this space: further consideration of Phenomenon Rudy shortly.

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