I am warming rapidly to Gail Collins –her wicked funny column in today’s NYTimes is on the Dems debate in Nevada…

It’s only recently that I’ve started paying attention to her column –which runs twice weekly, Saturday and ?day, (Tuesday I think).
What about this extraordinary political process –running for office– that we have come up with. For such a serious undertaking –ESPECIALLY this time!– is this the best we can come up with?

I enjoyed this particular GC column so much, I emailed her the following comment –with a modest proposal for a future debate.
Just one! Please!

“Wicked, wicked, wicked funny! The column just gets better and better. But then, look at the material you get to work with –that’s almost cheating.
A modest proposal: Gail Collins “moderating” a debate –Republican, please– with a big Ho-Hum Meter onstage, and a Flip-Flop Klaxon, and a Raised Eyebrow, and all sorts of prizes for best prevaricator, utmost bloviator, and most frequent “nine-elevening”.
Oh, and a Waterboard Section right at the end. What simulated fun it would be!”

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