Defining my “Malachi McCormick’s Blog”. And Donald Trump’s hair

I was delighted when my daughter Sion –who is ongoingly redesigning my website– told me that my new site could incorporate an interactive blog.

A blog! How wonderful, I thought –to be able to conduct an ongoing interactive discussion with everyone, all the people I’ve met over the years; all those who are interested not just in the books I’ve done at The Stone Street Press and not just in that wide range of subjects that interest me, but who bring their own range of subjects that I know I am going to be interested to hear about.
People who are interested in books and writing and publishing; interested in what books represent, in book-culture; interested in people’s stories; interested in telling them well.

Interested in my idea: If you read, you must also write. Well –not MUST, but….should? ought? would benefit hugely from?
Interested in my belief that ALL stories are interesting. I know, because I have had time for everybody’s story. If I meet you, I want to hear your story; we all do. We all –or at least, many of us– have a couple of minutes for your story’s beginning. And we will continue to listen to all of it IF you start it well. Which effectively means that you avoid the pitfalls of BAD STORY-TELLING.
The elements of bad storytelling are few, it seems to me. They have to do with the story-teller rather than the story. Pompous? Superior? Self-important? (Too) Self-involved? These are some of the characteristics that tend to get in the way, some of the things that…lose the audience. (Though they are of course often fascinating to the writer. Where, for example, do we put DONALD TRUMP? I have for years marvelled at the way that all Donald’s buildings tend to look like Donald himself, those glitzy entrances that seem like the architectural equivalent of Donald’s hairdo –that elaborate, sweptback, “hairier-than-thou” coiffed look that Donald seems to like to affect.

More on this later –stories, I mean, not Donald’s hair (but if you’ve got a story about the latter, I am –I confess– all ears. You’ve got two minutes…)
PS. A Blog is also a diary, and it is my intention to evolve this idea, to realize it as we progress. [More later. I’ve just run into Blogging Time Constraints. And more on that, too]

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